Training Services

Canine Good Citizen
Advanced Canine Good Citizen
Urban Canine Good Citizen 
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Farm Dog Certification  "NEW"
 . Earn a Farm Dog Certification Title with your dog. GREAT FUN!
Puppy Prep  
Basic Commands
Beyond Basics 
 Behavior Modification
           -jumping, incessive barking, separation anxiety, pulling, reactivity to other dogs, resource  
             guarding, etc. 
Pet Therapy Training and Testing { includes the required observation visits) Alliance Therapy Dog
Intro to Rally
Temperament Testing/Consulting: Before you bring that puppy or shelter dog home< make sure its a good fit for your family!
Managing Multi Dog Families 
If you know of 3 or more friends who would like A group class, I will be happy to accommodate you for any class
                              **Pre Registration and proof of vaccines is required**

Puppy Prep    

This class is for puppies age 8 weeks to 5 months .. During training time, the puppies will begin to learn commands in a purely positive manner with plenty of treats and praise. The pups will begin to learn loose leash walking, sit, sit/stay, down, come when called and focus. Intro to crate training.  During puppy training, I will talk about common puppy issues such as puppy nipping, chewing, house soiling etc., and how to solve or prevent these puppy issues. Earn your " Star Puppy" Certificate at the same time. 
Basic Commands   
  For puppies/dogs older than 4 months. This is more structured than the puppy class. This training is also purely positive training with the use of food lures and lots of praise. Commands covered in this class include: loose leash walking, heeling, sits/stays, leave it, down/stay, come when called, waiting at the door, intro to crate training. We will talk about common problems such as jumping, excessive barking, etc. Also included can be trips to pet friendly stores to begin to learn appropriate socialization behaviors. I also review proper equipment and use for your dog.

Beyond Basic   
This training is for dogs older than 6 months that have had a prior basic obedience class. I will focus on the commands learned in basic obedience while adding distractions, distance and duration.  We will also start adding hand signals to the commands and begin to wean off treats.

Advanced Obedience   

This class will focus on more advanced obedience commands needed for passing the "Canine Good Citizen Certification Exam, Advanced Canine Good Citizen Certification Exam, introduction to Rally, and/or Pet Therapy Preparation and Testing, Intro to Agility and Agility Sequencing.  I will also discuss options for you and your dog to progress to AKC Competitions and what is available to you. Lots of fun!
Tricks for Fun 
Have fun with your dog while promoting the human/canine bond. "Do more with your dog" training is fun, exciting and a great way to build that special bond with your canine friend. Earn a "Trick Dog Title" while having fun.
Intro to Agility 
Introduce your dog to Agility Equipment and learn some sequencing moves. Dogs love this and it helps your dog build confidence while working on a dog/owner relationship.
Dog Walking: Allows your dog to get out and get some exercise while you are away. 
Training Packages
Incorporates Obedience and Behavior Issues 
Private Home Lessons offered for ALL Obedience and Behavior Modification. Private in home lessons provide for a more individualized training program for you and your dog. Dogs progress much more quickly than in group lessons and we are also able to detect any behavior issues and work on a solution to those issues. Field trips to stores ,parks, the vet or just riding in a car safely, and meeting other dogs can all be addressed in private lessons. You determine the frequency of visits: ie: once a week, twice a week, etc.
Obedience Training in your home:
Includes 5 in home lessons: $200.00  Package
Behavior Modification Lessons:
Includes 4 in home lessons: 265.00  Package
Pet Therapy Dog Training:
Includes: 3 lessons with testing on day 4 and the required 3 supervised visits: $185.00  Package
Dog Walking: 20 minute sessions. $16.00 per session or 70.00 for 5 prepaid sessions.
Individual Lessons/consults
85.00 /hour ( within 20 miles of Athol)
Another Dog in the same household: 50.00 extra
* Please ask about our discounts for repeat customers. 
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I look forward to working with you and your dog.